"Perfect for an hour spent brooding in front of a rain-splattered window at dusk." "Though Fassine’s debut album has moments of almost supernatural beauty, it’s also shot through with the sinister…"

"Visual elements are a vital part of what Fassine create. They write in mind of a noir landscape, taking the listener through a perfectly subtle darkness, imagined to a sound that connects with the listener in more than just the audible sense."

'Ones to watch.'

Fassine are set to release new material on Trapped Animal Records and Cargo.

Fassine are a London trio who made a name for themselves with their icy, cinematic take on electronic music for ‘Dialectik' - a debut album that saw them gain praise & support from the likes of Spin, Q Magazine, Clash, The Independent, The 405, The Guardian, Giles Peterson, BBC 6 Music & more.

Fassine have a keen ear for the cinematic with their songs featuring as the backdrop of hit TV drama’s including; Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw, Fox’s ‘Lucifer’, Sky Atlantic’s 'The Following’, Orpah Winfrey’s Queen Sugar & more.

The band have been recognised for their heavy, industrial re-working of ‘That Wave’, an original song by XTC. Fassine’s version of the track & an interview with the band featured on the new XTC documentary ‘This Is Pop’ available on SKY ARTS and NOW.

The band featured on Berlin artist Robot Koch’s haunting track, ‘Spine’ released on Monkeytown Records and also re-worked his track, ‘Heart as a River’.


FORGE is the bands third studio album released on Trapped Animal and Cargo Records. The new record sees Fassine pay tribute to forgotten heroes on the fringes of society.  People like Hannah Hauxwell.  A Yorkshire farmer who led a challenging and isolated existence, caring for elderly relatives whilst running her farm in the most extreme conditions. She became an overnight celebrity after appearing in an ITV documentary, her virtues of hard work without any complaints, without any expectations of praise or credit, were something an entire nation identified with. Hauxwell is the subject of album track ‘Perfectly Planned’, whilst ‘Hellsto’ looks on admiringly at the working women of WW1 and WW2.

“FORGE’ is about the small pockets of communities that are overlooked, unheard, ignored, it’s our most daring body of work yet’, say Fassine.

On ‘FORGE’ they’re bolder than ever before, the instrumentation heavier and more aggressive than on previous full lengths ‘Gourami’ (2017) and ‘Dialektik’ (2016). They still follow tradition in one sense though, opting again to feature a cover, this time Paolo Conte’s ‘Max’ with guest vocals from Italy’s Fabrizio Pagni (Arctiq, Zen Circus).

Recorded primarily at London’s Battery Studios, Sarah Palmer, Laurie Langan and James Hayward (Fassine) would play late into the night, adopting a much more improvisational approach than previously, "This process was far more improvisational - a lot of ideas were done on-the-fly in the studio. We had a skeletal track, then ideas were batted out and put down. Far fewer demos were gone through to begin with, and gut instinct was followed much more quickly. We also decided that no matter what the song, if we liked it, it would go on".

‘FORGE’ literally meaning to ‘create something strong and enduring’. And with this album, Fassine have embodied the grit and grime of their personal heroes to weld into existence something that’s an industrial and hard-hitting piece of craftsmanship.


Second album Gourami featured the single, ‘Feather Jesus’ which was aired on Fox’s 'Lucifer'. The band say of the track,‘The reaction to the song was wonderful; 'Feather Jesus’ is about death & loss and how people cope, celebrate and even embrace it’.

Second single, Ursa Minor is an ode to David Bowie and is featured here on Clash Magazine. Third single, 'Palio', a track about the glorious, passionate and patriotic race in Sienna is featured here on The Independent.


‘Dialectik' features their debut single, ‘Sunshine’ that came with three distinct remixes from the likes of Jazzanova’s Alexander Barck& Comixxx, Thriftworks and Julien Mier .

‘Sunshine’ set the tone perfectly for the album which was inspired by the typical British, cold and austere oppressive atmosphere breathed into 1970’s and 80’s TV dramas. Such dramas included: 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy' and 'Edge of Darkness', which were built in these vast settings with great distance. Connecting the dots, however, were all the tiny conversations