Fassine LIVE studio recordings and Podcast



Hi all! Have a listen HERE to a podcast we feature on with Tom Gallo's from Look At My Records in NY. We're talking about our plans for 2018 and the phenomenal XTC. 

You can also hear some brand new LIVE studio tracks from us too which you can download for FREE when you sign up to our mailing list HERE! 

And for all you USA and Canadian XTC fans, you'll be able to watch us on the the documentary #Thisispop on 11th airing in January on Showtime USA. 

Oh what a wonderful world. 



LIVE at Level3



We had a wonderful gig last night and are still feeling wired. Thanks to everyone who came to share the experience with us and to Dave Franklin for all his hard work and passion. And many thanks to Dave Gregory of XTC for coming down and allowing us to swoon and smother him with hugs. We're still in heaven, address cloud eleven ;)

Here is a review of the night Fx


Tune in & come see us play LIVE



Hi everyone! Tune in to Sky Arts or Now TV at 9pm for the fantastic new documentary #thisispop on an unbelievable band - XTC. What a story. What a life. We're honoured to be a part of this and we'll be playing at Level3 on Thursday 26th October in celebration. Come join us!