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Here is a feature and interview about ‘FORGE’ in this month’s Aesthetica Magazine. We talk about the themes of the album and the real-life stories of the people behind it who are on the fringes of society.

Have a read below. Many thanks Aethetica for sharing our work and to Charlotte for her words and interest. We feel honoured and are very proud of this piece. Fx

'Drawing from Society - FASSINE

For the third album of cinematic alt-pop, London trio Fassine decided to explore real-life stories of people on the fringes of society, casting unsung lives against deft, versatile and striking electronic soundtracks. Sonically, there’s a real sense of chiaroscuro on Forge – swelling, airy moments of light that battle and merge with grainy undercurrents of shadows and doom – a sense of constant, unending friction. Lead single Bloom is a standout in this regard, all crashing, spiralling guitars and a sense of teetering sanity.
It’s a fitting bedrock for the characters that make up Forge. If these muses seem historic, or stuck precariously in the past, its intentionally so. “This album touches on older, maybe more traditional ways of life,” explains vocalist Sarah Palmer.
“These are in flux – roles, class, beauty, pride and dignity.” As with the working women of WWI and WWII, whose lives inform the angelic organ tones of Hellsto, these everyday heroes are so often forgotten, their thankless contributions eclipsed by history’s marquee names. The closest to an exception on Forge is Hannah Hauxwell, the muse behind Perfectly Planned. Hauxwell, a hardworking Yorkshire farmer
who led a challenging, poverty-stricken and isolated existence – caring for elderly relatives whilst single-handedly running her farm – became an overnight celebrity after appearing in an ITV documentary, Too Long A Winter, in 1972.
The nation was captivated by Hauxwell’s fortitude. It’s unlikely the average millennial will know her, but decades on from Too Long A Winter (and its 1989 follow-up, A Winter Too Many), Hauxwell’s extraordinary strength deserves to be lauded, says Palmer. “As soon as I heard her speak, I was
transfixed; she was the most accepting, peaceful and unassuming woman that, to me, should be revered. Her simple notions – an appreciation for nature, wildlife, family, hard- graft, being accepting of one’s responsibilities – made me fall in love. In a world that is often so flippant, fast-paced and superficial, her humanity is something we should learn from.”
Whilst Hauxwell is framed lovingly, songs like the eponymous album track give voice to messier, complicated figures, people whose opinions and politics chafe against modern sensibilities – specifically, voices who feel side-lined, silenced and rendered obsolete by today’s progressive politics. “Their ways of working and living are changing,” explains Palmer.
“Either they’re drying up or being sold off, and this is causing people to burn with frustration whilst also causing them to double-down on their strengths. Forge is about listening to everyone around us, no matter how un uncomfortable.”
“The song is ultimately about anger,” agrees bandmate Laurie Langan, “from those who feel overlooked.” Fassine were careful to avoid sounding didactic on Forge, says Langan; instead, they’re extending an invitation to engage with collective as a whole. “[‘Forge’] is simply a reflection.”

Aesthetica on this month’s issue;

‘April / May 2020 Resilience - It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. However, there is something to remember, and we should hold onto it – the human spirit! Great art changes lives. It takes you to new places and introduces you to a wealth of ideas. This issue of Aesthetica is a true celebration of humankind’s resilience’.


Classic Pop Review



'FORGE' has been reviewed in this month's Classic Pop Magazine by the fantastic Mr Wallace! Many thanks, Classic Pop Magazine We're honoured and thankful for the mention.

'Their third album goes further.... There's' no mistaking their intensions'. Have a read of the review here. 4/5 Stars!

'Palmer nonetheless ensures Perfectly Planned is full of sugar, her vocal now tripping delicately with Liz Fraser's grace, and on both Magpie and Hellsto, her breathy tones hog the spotlight in a truly fassine-ating fashion'.

Thanks, to everyone involved! S, L, J x

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'FORGE' is out today! We are so proud of this album and are truly thankful for everyone’s support. Thank you for following the Fassine journey, three albums in! Thank you all for being open to all the work we’re putting out there into the world. Well, it is a f**ing good album, after all ;)

To all our friends and family, friends online, Fassine fans, the label Trapped Animal Records and producer Rohan Onraet, writer and guitarist Lifty Fingers cellist Gregor Riddell, Miles Showell, Arqtic, Fabrizio Pagni, Stefano Fiori, Martin Palmer, Jimmy King and everyone else who was part of the album's creation.

A lot of you have bought our first vinyl, thank you, but we don’t care about any of that, we’d give it all away for free, we just want people to hear it, and slowly, slowly, we're creeping out. So, thanks again for listening, sharing and reaching out to us, it is our world.

Love, Fx

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