Brand New XTC Discovery Book Out Now!



Here it is! The brand new #XTC Discovery Book by #MarkFisher. We were lucky to feature in this, commenting on our favourite XTC songs and joining an interview with #RickBuckler of #thejam.

Grab your copy here!

Other contributors include #chrisdifford of #squeeze #debbipetersonof #thebangles #petergabriel and more.

See you soon Fx


'Whatever It Takes' featured in Velvet Buzzsaw



Hi everyone, it’s been a while, we’ve got lots to share with you this year.

Firstly, tune in to #Netflix now as our track ‘Whatever it Takes (To Help You Sleep)’ from our first album is featured in the premiere of #VelvetBuzzsaw, starring #JakeGyllenhaal #JohnMalkovich & #ToniCollette. Listen out for it and watch the trailer HERE!

Secondly, we will be releasing our third album this year along with new videos and collaborations. We're very excited to share it with you!

Thanks for staying with us and see you all soon. Fx


XTC Limelight Interview with Charlie Thomas



Check out this crackin' interview here with XTC Documentary producer Charlie Thomas of Special Treats and Mark Fisher of XTC Limelight.

Enjoy Fx