New single 'Magpie' out today!



Here is a new song for you lovely and lucky people from our upcoming album! This is Magpie, premiered here on Blackbook Magazine USA. Also, many thanks to Janice Long for its first radio spin today too! Forge is about a Magpie-type lover and all that comes with it, luring us in to the hope of a beautiful relationship.

Blackbook; ‘We’re not sure if anyone has confirmed it as an actual genre yet, but London trio Fassine seems to have landed on a style that could only be described as psychedelic/dream-pop…. Charismatic singer Sarah Palmer intones with Siouxsie like coolness and aplomb, but her vocals are silky and elegant, as she lyrically admonishes a selfish, inequitable lover’.

Hope you enjoy it. Fx