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  • 'Whatever It Takes To Help You Sleep' Premieres on Soundspace
    Hi everyone. Have a listen here to the first stream of our track ' Whatever It Takes Takes Help You Sleep ', a preview to our upcoming debut album.   Watch the official vi
  • Under The Brooklyn Bridge
    Here is our upcoming single Kelby on Beat , accompanied by a video from filmmaker   ‪#‎ LilyBaldwin‬  and featuring model  ‪ #‎ EdieCharles‬   under the Brooklyn Bridge, N
  • Always Crashing In The Same Car
    It's election week. So here is our version of "Always Crashing In The Same Car" by David Bowie. "Always Crashing In The Same Car" (Live)
  • Fassine "In Your Eyes" Live
    Here's a live version of "In Your Eyes" we did a few days ago. Have a listen! "In Your Eyes" (Live)
  • Fassine Arrive
    Hi everyone. We've been holed-up in the studio for a while but we've got lots to share with you this year including our album, videos, artwork, live shows and more.  To st

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